(formerly the American Naturopathic Research Institute)

Interim address:

1250 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 205

Tempe, AZ  85283

Tel: 480-839-2800







November 19, 2010



In accordance with the requirements of the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 45, Part 46, the fourth meeting of the Arizona Naturopathic Research Institute (ANRI) and the Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute (NORI) and the Institutional Review Board(IRB) was called to order at 11:30 a.m., November 19, 2010 at 1250 E. Baseline Rd., Suite 205, Tempe, AZ  85283.


The following members (and guests who are hereby welcomed as members) were present, listed alphabetically by last name:

Jesse Adams

Marilyn Brewer, L.Ac.

Carolyn Guerrero, RN

Gene Guerrero, MD

Colleen Huber, NMD

Kenneth Lashutka, NMD

Rob Milisen, NMD

Kenneth Proefrock, NMD

Paul Stallone, NMD

Other members, Elizabeth Enright,  Chad Livdahl, NMD, Glenn Ozalan, NMD, Tim Peace, NMD, Jonathan Psenka, NMD, Shelly Smekens, NMD and Phranq Tamburri, NMD, were not able to be present for this meeting, and are cordially invited to future meetings.

Other individuals who may be interested in participating in future meetings, or who are invited by an individual member, are also welcome.

Until the President, Dr. Proefrock, arrived, the Secretary, Dr. Huber, called the meeting to order and presided.


The minutes of the August 27, 2010 meeting were accepted as minutes.


It was noted that Dr. Milisen’s friend, Paul Shields, has set up a working forum, and everyone should have received their user name and password by now.  If not, please inform the Secretary or Dr. Milisen.  Also, please note that unfortunately some members found Paul’s e-mail in their junk e-mail boxes, so please check there, spam filters being what they are.


The Secretary asked if everyone felt that Fridays were the best day for these meetings, and if 11:00 a.m. was the best time.  It was generally agreed that these were the best days and times for board meetings.  The Secretary also asked if the frequency of one time per quarter were optimal for meetings.  Everyone agreed.  Dr. Proefrock responded that at least once every quarter was optimal, but that realistically we would probably continue to meet once every quarter.

The Secretary emphasized that the goals of the organizations will be carried out only if members stay active and attend the meetings to express their views.  Therefore, meetings should be held on the best days and times for the maximum number of people.

(After the meeting, Dr. Huber received a call from Dr. Tamburri, in which he noted that he is still very interested in the goals and topics of our organizations.  However, he noted that Friday was one of his busiest work days, and that was why he hasn’t yet attended many of our meetings.  Dr. Huber offered to have Dr. Tamburri choose our next meeting date in February, which will have to be a Friday, due to the choice of the majority.)  The following date was then chosen by Dr. Huber and Dr. Tamburri, who would like it noted that he may or may not be able to attend depending on his other commitments:


The date of the next meeting of ANRI /  NORI is Friday, February 18, 2011. 

The Secretary urges all members to please mark your calendars now.

A reminder will be e-mailed to all members.

The Secretary also urges that RSVP’s be used to let us know by the Tuesday prior to the meeting if you will be able to attend.  This way, adequate and appropriate lunch may be ordered in advance.  Please let us know of any food sensitivities or preferences.  We aim to please in this regard.


It was also generally agreed that, in order not to lose sight of why we are taking the trouble to meet at all, we need to periodically re-affirm our goals for these organizations and review our role in the naturopathic profession.

The following goals were affirmed:

1)  As the governing bodies of 2010 a minority profession, the State of Arizona through the Naturopathic Board are strongly subject to the tendency to erode and restrict the scope of naturopathic practice to an increasingly narrow range of patients and treatment protocols.

In response to this tendency, our organizations are needed to uphold the necessary breadth in our professional practice, in accordance with the original intent and role of naturopathic medicine as a comprehensive system of medicine, designed to offer the maximum range of effective and safe treatments.

2)  In order to fulfill this role, our organizations have already taken care of most of the necessary preliminary administrative functions, getting “up and running,” so to speak, so that we may then address questions of the practice of medicine, in effect to have a quarterly Grand Rounds meeting in which research proposals are heard and reviewed, and specific cases are presented and various treatment protocols are discussed.

3)  In practical fulfillment of this role, at least five members must meet regularly to maintain the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and to review and adopt protocols.  This review process began today, and is discussed below.

Dr. Proefrock suggested that each of us invite one to three new people to our meetings periodically.  That way, as there is inevitably some attrition among those naturopaths and others who feel that this organization does not match their goals, other new ones will come and stay.


Dr. Milisen said that ANRI is better named the Arizona Naturopathic Research Institute, rather than 27, the American Naturopathic Research Institute, because the naturopathic scope of practice is more broad in Arizona than in other states, and because our organizations exist in order to uphold that breadth of practice, and because almost all of us practice or have practiced in Arizona, with most other parts of the U.S. not represented at all.  Therefore, we should call ourselves the Arizona Naturopathic Research Institute.  There was no disagreement offered, and the name change was accepted.


Most of the meeting was a lively discussion of various specific treatment protocols and case presentations.  Practical matters were discussed, such as prudent application and dosing of a wide variety of substances and procedures.  As a result, a number of us were made aware of being able to refer to others among us for specific conditions.   The details of this discussion go far beyond the scope and Trí purpose of these minutes.  Members are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in this kind of discussion in order to gain the most benefit.

The Secretary expressed concern that this part of the meeting not be allowed to fall into a free-for-all of questions fired at those most experienced in certain protocols.  Rather, this process would be of more benefit to everyone, and without undue burden on anyone, if a more formal case presentation format were used.  Each member is encouraged to bring in at least one interesting case to share with the group.  If each person has the floor in turn to present a case, the Secretary argued, then no one member has to be unfairly burdened with taking a lot of time to teach the rest of us.  The Secretary thinks the question merits further consideration.


It was suggested that the forum be used in such a way that a few topics could be posted and then refined as time goes on, and that this would develop as needs arise.


It was agreed that Informed Consents or fragments thereof be posted to the forum, and then a common Informed Consent be compiled from those sections broadly agreed on, in order to have an Informed Consent specifically for IRB purposes.  The ultimate purpose of this is to strengthen our case for defending the treatments that we use, should the need for such a defense ever arise.  The Secretary will compile draft Informed Consents and post the drafts to the forum before the next meeting, so that they can be either dissected and analyzed or accepted and voted on.

So please post your Informed Consent contributions to the forum at your earliest convenience.


The next meeting has been set for Friday, February 18, 2011.

Please let Dr. Huber’s assistant Jesse, Tel: 480-839-2800, know ASAP if Friday, February 18, 2011 is good or not good for you.

This meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00, November 19, 2010

Colleen Huber, NMD, Secretary and Meeting Coordinator

Possible topics for February 18, 2011 meeting:

Decide if and how to amend the 11/19/2010 minutes, vote to approve or amend.

Case presentation: Please bring one or more enlightening cases to report.

Presentation of any specific research proposal to IRB for approval.

Another possible item for discussion is how much, how broadly and how soon would it be advisable to let the public, the board and other naturopaths know that our organization exists?  Dr. Huber has reserved a couple of possible web domain names, which are just waiting for content, and wonders why not go public soon?

Are any really important matters being ignored or forgotten about?  Please suggest topics that are important to you, or topics that are vital for our profession or our organizations to address.